Steinvik camping

Steinvik camping is located by the sea and has the north sea at it`s doorstep. This gives unique posibillity`s for deep sea angling. Steinvik camping has boats for rent for this purpose.


During the summer season, cruise ships pass almost daily on their way inland to Nordfjord. A great sight right past Steinvik camping.

The area

Motorhome and caravan pitches are assigned so that they naturally fall into the terrain together with our cabins. This creates an airy and attractive environment for our guests.

Måløy town

In Måløy city you will find good places to eat and otherwise what you as a tourist need for a pleasant stay in this cozy seaside town. The bridge that leads over to Måløy is 1,224 meters long, and is a tourist attraction in itself.

The Måløy raid

A stone's throw from Steinvik camping can be found at Moldøen canon positions from the war. The area is worked up as a great park facility accessible to all.

Evening ambience

We have spectacular sunsets that are visible from Steinvik camping and which sets a wonderful point for sunny days.